Professional Counseling and Therapy in Rice Village, Houston Texas

West University, and other local residents, are encouraged to call, email, or stop by Stephanie’s office for a free consultation to assess “fit” and answer any questions.

Stephanie R. Frey's in her Office at Village Executive Suites in Rice Village, Houston Texas

We All Need Encouragement In Our Lives!

Whether you are experiencing one of life’s many transitions, having difficulty in a particular area of life, or need help setting goals and moving forward, counseling could be a good fit for you.  As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I spend a great deal of time helping people move through issues such as: having a joy filled life, career changes, general emotional health and wellness, family-life transitions, grief, traumas, addictions, decision making, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, infidelity, stress management, parenting, premarital counseling, marital satisfaction, and more.

It is important, when seeking a counselor that you find a counselor that you feel is a good fit for you. Often times you can not know this without meeting. This is why I offer a free initial brief consultation in person or over the phone, to answer any questions you may have about counseling, me and my services, at no charge.

Contact me at, 281-953-7474, or complete this online form to schedule an initial free consultation.

– Stephanie Frey

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