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Islin Munisteri, in her new book, You are Enough discussed how women have allowed themselves to get sucked into a world of competition and comparison, and how it drains LIFE. As a counselor that has impacted many women’s lives to help them powerfully stand up to say, “I AM ENOUGH!”… she wrote the forward to this book with a powerful message to women. Learn more about You are Enough here:

My 600-lb Life

Stephanie’s passion is to come alongside of individuals, couples, and families as they journey through life. Stephanie has had the privilege of being a therapist many times on TLC’s “My 600-lb life.” Working with various participants and their families, Stephanie provides encouragement to those seeking greater emotional freedom from various disordered eating issues.


“My 600-lb Life” is a television series that chronicles the life of various people who come to Houston for weight reduction surgery. The series follows their weight loss journey, which includes addressing the elements of emotional eating and core emotional issues surrounding the reasons for their weight gain. Stephanie aids participants in identifying and moving through the various emotional barriers to help with physical goals along with the relational dynamics with their loved ones. Since Stephanie’s passion is to encourage others through major life transitions, “My 600-lb life” provides her with the opportunity to do what she loves. For more information about “My 600-lb life” please visit: