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Expectant Mother’s Support Group

Having a child is not just a physical experience; it is a profound emotional experience as well.

Motherhood is a season of life where we need support and encouragement.  Staying physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy before, during, and after pregnancy are important parts of navigating and enjoying the experience.  Professional counseling, therapy, and group interaction can be valuable resources.

An Orchid inside Stephanie R. Frey's Office at Village Executive Suites in Rice Village, Houston Texas

The Expectant Mother’s Support Group lasts 7 weeks, are composed of 5 women, are led by Stephanie, and include the following topics:

  • Understanding new emotions
  • Defining motherhood and the new normal
  • Spouse and family relationship changes
  • Self care and sources of encouragement
  • Expectations and developing a birth plan
  • Preparing emotionally for labor and birth
  • Postpartum depression and anxiety
  • How to give and receive support

Contact Stephanie with questions, and to inquire about the next group start date. The cost of the Expectant Mother’s Support Group is $100.